SG on the ’14 Grenache Rosé

My mate Dean loves his Rosé, he even refers to it as if it was the flower, so after nailing the ess&see Grenache no.1 and 2 he needed only the slightest of prods to have a crack at growing the fruit for everyone’s favourite label.

V12 of this was a cracker, the style, the creative, and the environment in which it was poured bonded like kindreds and after V13 was deemed ‘one step too far,’ it looks like we’re back where it all started. Like the V12, the wine feels like it’s dry but not convincingly, the fruit soaks in half tonne bins for a few days at around 5C during which time the plan is to pick up not only a bit of colour, but also a hint of grip from the partly broken down skins. It’s all pretty unscientific and when the button’s hit and it’s time to ‘get it going,’ it’s still anyone’s guess as to how it will all come together.

It appears to have worked a treat, and the wine easily retains its crown as the perfect symbol of both the 5OS project and the crew making the wines at MVW. On one hand it appears spotlessly made, yet on the other you get the sense it’s not made at all….a lot like the people and place in which it originated. An easy wine for those who like anything but.