Firstly thanks for being patient with us...

We’ve been trying to pull our acts together for a while now and get 4.55 up and running, obviously without much luck…

Thankfully some of the other projects we’ve been working on are coming to life and I’m sure in the months ahead there will be plenty of events and new wines that Michael will be sharing with you.

4.55 is something I’m particularly fond of, the idea of us being free to make the wines and wares we love, knowing we have a group of like minded friends that will shield us from real world commerce is utopian, but more importantly it’s perfectly aligned with our ideology of old school business. We’ve never wanted to sell a thing! we set out to find partners, people who, like us have chosen their currency.

I’ve put this pack together, unashamedly making sure our best foot is forward, I’ve no doubt you’ll love it and it goes without saying that if this isn’t the case be sure to let Mike know not me….

We’ve also included a cliched gift, I wanted steak knives but I’ve been over ruled and you’ve ended up with a bottle of our yet to be released 4G Shiraz. It’s 4 consecutive vintages of 120-year-old Shiraz from our own Vineyard which is so good even Kochy’s been drinking it. It’s a really rare wine and one close to my heart so please don’t let my banter take from its beauty, it will age for a very long time and is a great example of how far The 5OS Project has come.

Again thanks for believing in us, I’m pretty confident we’ve most things now in place to not let you down, and if we do we’ve always plenty wine to soften the blow.

Keep well,


How 4.55 will work…

It’s simple:

If you pay the full year’s subscription up front you receive 100 ‘Five O’Clock Somewhere Dollars’ to spend in any of our shops, or with your personal wine advisor. This can be used in person or over the phone.

You have first look at our wines, meaning no wine will never be released to the shop or online without first being offered to 4.55 customers.

You’ll receive access to a personalised concierge service that allows you a look into our world and a way to chat all things wine. If you need anything (wine advice of any kind) simply let Michael know!

We’ll do 2 pre release tastings each year, in both Adelaide and Sydney - all 4.55 members are invited along

You’ll receive free delivery on all orders

First look at any events/tastings

Shop discounts and extra perks along the way…

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Soaring Kite 2017 Chardonnay

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