The 5OS Project

Welcome to Five O’clock Somewhere, we started this project as a group of young minded winemakers and wine lovers seeking a journey of abandoned vinous pleasure. We found it, loved it and indulged suitably before a combination of age weariness, kids and opportunity nudged our focus to the left. These days we find ourselves surrounded by a plethora of awesome talent from all walks of life, each working in a dare to be great environment, creating in ridiculously small volumes everything from pea and ham soup to bikes. And whilst we’ve already thrown the net much wider than we’d ever have dreamed, this site and both our shops remain as they were always intended, a collection of wares that are interesting, purposeful and honest, hopefully appreciated but unlikely to be sold.

And it goes without saying that we know how lucky we are… and whilst I'm not 100% convinced in luck as a concept, we are greatly appreciative of the position we’ve found ourselves in; ass, class, luck, karma or fate either way we’ll gratefully take it.