Things Before

I’ve some grey hairs for sure, but hopefully not enough to be writing an ‘Our Story’ just yet, I wanted to use dot points but got talked around with a ‘you’re nearly there’ so here’s the middle ground as to how we got to this point. Anna and I started Loom in 2005 from our kitchen table in Robe, we moved to McLaren Vale in time for vintage 2006 when we made the first Loom Shiraz. Started buying bulk wine for Virgin in the UK, called the business Fuse. Couple of years later lucked in and found a way to fund Chalk Hill Rd, moved our office into the house as things started going well, Laithwaites purchased Virgin, I got a bigger job and Red Heads got rolled into it. Vineyards and a small winery came, RedHeads went, along with my ‘bigger job’, quickly replaced by McLaren Vale Winemakers and the first shoots of 5OS raised their head. Virgin and Laithwaites went their separate ways leading to a more appealing version of my ‘bigger job’ being back on the table. Fuse continued to grow giving us the resources to have a crack at 5OS and the odd other project, and besides the grey hairs it looks eerily similar to 2006.