The Taoists have a principal they refer to as Wu Wei, which in simple terms translates to ‘Action without Action’. I won’t profess a deep understanding of Eastern Philosophy, unfortunately my frequent attempts over the years to study have been hamstrung by a propensity to match books with bottles of red. This inevitably leads to a 1am jolt with a stained t-shirt, a sore neck and all of 3 pages having been read. The concept of Wu Wei symbolises the way we’ve structured our lives and as such our businesses. We didn’t set out to build a large service provision business in Fuse, or retail businesses in Daily Grind, Little Black Bike and McLaren Vale Coffee, nor did we seek out our relationship with Little Acre Foods. The Hagen Arms waited 170 years for me to impulsively buy it… and will have to wait another few to renovate it. There’s a spirit of generosity in these relationships that can only come from a natural flow, whether they be commercial or personal. Not sure where mi casa es mi casa fits into this philosophy but we’ll put that down to Cultural Anthropology… another 3 page, at best, read of mine.