We live, and some would say, work in McLaren Vale. Surrounded by a ridiculously high concentration of beautiful natural resource and inspiring people we have lucked in on our little part of the planet and we do our very best to live in harmony with it. Our 20 acre site on Chalk Hill Rd is home to an ever-growing collection of eclectic people and businesses, growing and manufacturing to a common ethos of quality and consideration for our surroundings. As is the case with the rest of our operations, we don’t do much in the way of planning, figuratively or literally, (little nod to our ‘philosophical indifferences’ with local council around planning consent) which ensures it’s an evolving, organic culture which throws up magic in ever increasing amounts. And whilst we don’t do ‘Flash’, we do have some seriously cool toys beyond our permaculture gardens to ensure we get to play as hard as we do fair.