SG on the ess&see ’10 Cabernet Sauvignon

If this wine was a bloke, he’d be drifting along in life, somewhere in his late 30s before waking up one morning busted and finally asking himself how the flaming f88k did he end up here? Who was he, how did he come to be… there are unmistakable characteristics of origin and gene, the tattooed chest a sign of a not too distant phase, but this too he’d have long forgotten. He’d acknowledge that he has heaps of unrealized capability, and fundamentally he’s a solid as a rock, but there’s a darkness in the void of his early days, the fear and questions of the unknown. Someone knows and it’s time for him to find out, the last piece of the puzzle will bring together a life of questions, encapsulate and present them in the manner in which they were intended. Although before getting too carried away, he’d roll over on a whim to see a lovely senorita looking back at him and think aloud, project origin can wait an hour.

Quickly running up the word count here… we made this wine for someone else, but half way through maturation in all the flash new oak we bought for them, it became obvious their ambitions were a touch bigger than their ability, so I walked into the barrel shed and swapped the stickers on the barrels from their name to ess&see and here we are.

Magical, massive old school Cab, we always knew it and lucky for us they didn’t. It’s been deliberately mellowing in our cellar for a few years to soften, but tread lightly, it’ll be brutal on you if you get carried away. SG

Bottles made: 660