Sg on the ’14 5OS Project White Blend


Obviously Starfish have 5 legs (or arms?) and the Pentagon is named for its 5 sides. On the Periodic Table of Elements, Boron sits in the 5 box and it didn’t take me long to work through the 5 known senses that are thought to add up to perception. Moving a little further on in my personal scope, I reckon Muslims pray to Allah 5 times a day, I’m reasonably sure with the naked eye you can see 5 planets in the sky and according to the Ancient Greeks and those further East, the Universe is made up of 5 Elements. I also know that the Olympic emblem is made up of 5 interlocking rings and that Joe Dimaggio wore 5 for the Yankees, Chris Judd for the Blues and whilst it pains me to mention in the same breathe, Marcus Rojo does today for my beloved RD’s. All in all, I thought I had the mid-week quiz night pretty well covered on the subject until I got asked to punch out a tasting note for this wine.

Started off singingly, lovely green hues and a slight nuttiness which I put down to a bit of oak fermentation, a tinge of musk that could have come from a spicy, pungent variety like Gewertz and some alluring flavours of lemon slice, pineapple and nougat. By the time I got to the liquorice and a small, but good, drop of sourness, I was completely baffled and calling for an LIP (cheat sheet). Gewurtztraminer, Chardonnay, Vermentino, Sauv Blanc and Riesling…..guess you learn a new fact about the number 5 every day, a very pleasant one in this case.

Cases made: 198 SG