SG on the 4G

Sausage = Sizzle

We don’t often get to say that, but beyond the medium in which we’re presenting this, today we’re in some seriously rarefied territory.  For a (relatively) short time we were custodians of one of Australia’s oldest Shiraz blocks which, by the time we sold it to fund our recycled red brick driveway at the winery, was also one of the finest.  We’re pretty chuffed on the whole story really, the restoration project didn’t always feel like the grandest of ideas but each year the wines kept getting better and as such our motivation to keep at it remained fuelled.  There are various different recollections as to why we left a barrel of our best V15 Shiraz in oak, none of which are remotely reliable but either way we did and sometime mid 2017 the idea of doing a NV blend sprang to life.  I was in, on the condition it was simply blended together in as good as equal percentages…a proper window into the 4 years it took us to bring the block back to life.  We could wax on for way too long about the wine itself, especially as it seems to change every time you look at it, which I guess isn’t surprising considering its origin and likely longevity.  But when the fella that has more Purple Gowns than The Joker is taking unlabelled bottles home off the line for his mid week Netflix binges you know you’ve a pretty good chance of a winner.   Due to the minuscule volume we made we’re limiting each purchase to a maximum of 75 cases and Huon Hooke just voted it Australia’s best NV Shiraz under $3000 a bottle so I wouldn’t muck around.

Thanks again for your support and remember if you keep sharpening your knife you’ll make it blunt.