SG on the 5OS Project Pinot Gris Rosé 2020

The 5OS Project Pinot Gris Rose 2020

Mark: ‘We were supposed to get 10t of PG off our Mt Gambier Vineyard and we’ve just picked it and ended up with about 2… any chance you’re up for it?

20 years ago I planted heaps of this down that way, thinking it was going to be awesome. After a few years faffing about with different ways of building flavour and texture I came to the realisation that in conjunction with my limited talent it was pretty much a white canvas with a tin of white paint.

Sure as long as you haven’t added Sulphur and it takes at least 24 hrs to be delivered… The last thing we need is to encourage any more youthful enthusiasm around here’.

A couple of grape bins turned up 24 hrs later, filled with pink juice and slightly macerated fruit, a couple of months later it found its way to bottle looking the same way.