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Marsc Wine Co. Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2020


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Variety: Sauvignon Blanc Alcohol: 12.0 %
Vintage: 2020 Vegan: Yes
Region: Adelaide Hills, SA Closure: Stelvin

Marsc Wine Co. Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2020

Firstly we should thank Andrea for modelling the label, she’s quickly becoming a pea in a pod within the NY art scene. Unlike the origin of those finest of locks, we promised the lads up in the winery we wouldn’t disclose their names in our banter and as much as it’s killing me not to, this is Svalbard.  What I will say is whilst we’re light on actual winemaking and grape growing details, we can assure you that whilst there’s plenty of folk throughout the ‘Hills that are widely regarded, these guys are almost without question considered Marquee, and certainly better than us. So obviously this is a nice wine… but then again so are all ours so not sure how that works?

About Marsc Wine Co.

The Marsc Wine Co. showcases the amazing diversity of the Australian wine industry and celebrates the great characters within it. The only framework Marsc Wine Co. operates within is to pair up as many awesome sites as possible with winemakers who really understand them.

Aromatics: Green fruit punch, passionfruit
Palate: Sweet tropical fruit, gentle and balanced
Finish: Medium length and unapolagetically tropical
Cellaring: Best drinking now

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