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Soaring Kite NV Blanc de Blancs Sparkling White


(4 customer reviews)

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I’ve drank so much Champagne I’ve forgotten almost all of them … Hardy should be writing this she loves them, but then again she’d be worse than me, maybe Mike? Nah he’d bore us with technical details and wax on about his most memorable experiences, entranced in the mystical world of the bead… my old mate Alex Dale would be the best, he refused to drink them, reckons they were all sizzle and no sausage, taste the same and your money was so much better spent south on his beloved white Burgundy. Hard to argue, especially as he is a dogmatic bugger, but then again a sack of unshucked coffin bay oysters plonked on the table outside the lunchroom, couple of short handle flat screw drivers and some Salon and you’re closer to Hollywood than Rodeo Drive. Then again Deano and I did reach for an Equipo Navazos half way through the hessian bag… which is fairness at the stage would have been us getting close to 3 figures of perfect morsels. I’m a long way from Alex, but I can't help but think that if bubbles are your thing, this is about as good a spot to land as you could expect, interesting enough without invading your space, prominent chardonnay characters of cool, crisp green apples and an alluring creaminess to the palate which allows the finish to be pure and tingling. I’d buy it any day over a big box Champagne, put the savings to a few dozen of SA’s finest and you’ll still have some change for a Sherry once you’ve moved from practice mode.

100% Chardonnay from numerous sites around the Adelaide Hills (12.5%ABV)

Average Customer Rating  

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    A carefully crafted combination of dry and fruity has produced a magnificent picture of the Venetian Hills of Italy. Slowly sipping overlooking the ruins of ancient history, while enjoying the present fruits of what is to offer in the Adelaide Hills.

  2. by

    It’s the wine you want when you’ve had a shit day. Its the wine to celebrate your most joyous occasion. A perfect and linear balance of oak and freshness. Drinking it is like the first time, everytime

  3. by

    Textutal and complex in nature. I have tried several vintages of this wine now and this is by far our favourite.

  4. by

    Toasty apples on the nose, beautiful, fresh, fine bead of bubbles. What a wine!