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Soaring Kite Blanc de Blancs Sparkling NV


(4 customer reviews)
Variety: Chardonnay Alcohol: 12.5 %
Vintage: NV Vegan: Yes
Region: Adelaide Hills, SA Closure: Cork

Soaring Kite Blanc de Blancs Sparkling NV

Hmmm we did use to make this ourselves but for the sake of our mental health, financial sustainability, practicality and the drinkability of the outcome we now tag onto the back of a specialist and much more competent outfit up in the ‘Hills. Ours sells for heaps cheaper than theirs so best we leave it at that. To fill the page, Blanc de Blanc means white of whites, typically much more alluring in French than us labelling it as Chardonnay, although it’d be sort of tough to do that and it’d confuse a few which would be fun to see.

About Soaring Kite

Established in 2005, Soaring Kite is the Adelaide Hills project from the young crew at Loom Wine. Mainly allured by Chardonnay and Pinot, on the odd occasion they’ve also been tempted to open up a fermenter or two for some Shiraz… much to the wonderment of their winemaking colleagues.

Aromatics: White peach, melon and toast
Palate: Textural, fresh fruit with a creamy softness
Finish: The zippy refreshing acidity sees the wine out
Cellaring: It’s fresh, lively and ready to drink now
Average Customer Rating  

  1. by

    Toasty apples on the nose, beautiful, fresh, fine bead of bubbles. What a wine!

  2. by

    It’s the wine you want when you’ve had a shite day. It’s the wine to celebrate your most joyous occasion. A perfect and linear balance of oak and freshness.

  3. by

    Textural and complex in nature. I have tried several releases of this wine now and this is by far our favourite.

  4. by

    A carefully crafted combination of dry and fruity has produced a magnificent picture of the Venetian Hills of Italy.