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The 5OS Project Malbec Durif 2017


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Variety: Malbec, Durif Alcohol: 14.5%
Vintage: 2017 Vegan: Yes
Region: McLaren Vale Closure: Stelvin

The 5OS Project Malbec Durif 2017

I’m not really sure how we ended up blending 25% Durif in our Malbec, especially considering the 16 Malbec was/is such a great wine. I do know that the Durif was grown by Oliver’s on their famed Seaview Rd block and it’s a brute of a berry that pretty much turns day into night so I can only assume we had a slight concern about the depth of colour in the Malbec and wanted to lend it a hand. Either that or someone decided to make the single biggest wine the region’s capable of growing… which considering McLaren Vale generally grows giants amongst men, it’s a saying not literal noob, is no mean feat. Either way I can’t remember, it could be the former as Joe likes to grow a crop as he himself would/might admit, but probably more likely the latter and if so they succeeded beautifully.

About The 5OS Project

This is essentially our ‘Home Brand’. We make these wines ourselves and farm out others to mates, with the intention to create a range of wines that have heaps of drinkability but not at the expense of varietal, regional and vintage characteristics. They should also look the part, embracing the talent of the respective artists whilst encouraging them to find their own beat.

Aromatics: Brooding, shaved chocolate with liqueur soaked raisins adding to the appeal
Palate: Plenty ripe and generous with more Xmas Cake like flavours, acid and tannin on song
Finish: Feels like it’s going to be sweet, bit like high cocoa dark chocolate, dry and lingering
Cellaring: Best before 2027

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