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The 5OS Project Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2020


In stock

120 cases made.


Variety: Chardonnay Alcohol: 12.5%
Vintage: 2020 Vegan: Yes
Region: Adelaide Hills Closure: Stelvin

I think the first Chardonnay we made came from the K1 Vineyard in Kuitpo, if not it was Geoff’s brother Bill’s just down the road. They’re both great sites if you like your Chardy well fed and inviting like we do… with the exception of Kochy who for some reason of late has sided with the modern camp and all its reductive dark side. Plenty of welcoming old school marmalade and nutty nougat with a rich but well-framed palate that effortlessly sings away longingly with one eye squarely Ben’s Nomad Chicken dish… or a Snitty, or a sunny lunch, or a warm evening, or cool evening, yeti cup at the Finke even.

About The 5OS Project

This is essentially our ‘Home Brand’. We make these wines ourselves and farm out others to mates, with the intention to create a range of wines that have heaps of drinkability but not at the expense of varietal, regional and vintage characteristics. They should also look the part, embracing the talent of the respective artists whilst encouraging them to find their own beat.

Aromatics: Old school Chardonnay, marmalade, nougat and cashew.
Palate: Rich, creaminess on the palate. Bring on the roast chicken and gravy.
Finish: Lingering, nice balance. Broadness and brightness. Crispness.
Cellaring: 2-5 years

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