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The 5OS Project Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2021


133 cases made
Variety: Sauvignon Blanc Alcohol: 12.0%
Vintage: 2021 Vegan: Yes
Region: Adelaide Hills Closure: Stelvin

The 5OS Project Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2021
Our resident pseudo Kiwi Mark writes up the spec for our Sauvignon, well he did at one point and we’ve since copied it each Harvest. Jess’s old man once again flicked us the fruit, personally I don’t drink the stuff but if I did I’d choose it from the Southern part of the Hills as I reckon they’re a bit softer and the fruit slightly more prominent probably due to it being a touch warmer. It might not actually be warmer, but it’s mightily close to MV which gets bloody hot so I’m assuming it is… In fairness Mark keeps making a nice version of this wine, the spec isn’t bordering on Relativity Theory, but he runs it without SO2 and does love letting it get stinky during an ice cold Ferment which gives me another excuse for not taking much interest. By the time it gets to bottle it’s as fresh as a daisy, and still outsells all our whites 2 – 1 which at the end of the day comfortably redeems itself in my eyes.

About The 5OS Project
This is essentially our ‘Home Brand’. We make these wines ourselves and farm out others to mates, with the intention to create a range of wines that have heaps of drinkability but not at the expense of varietal, regional and vintage characteristics. They should also look the part, embracing the talent of the respective artists whilst encouraging them to find their own beat.

Aromatics: Some nice soft fruits, bordering on Tropical with fresh wet riverstone
Palate: Fruit carries right through, surprising texture and genuine flavour
Finish: Great minerality, countered by less derived weight that also adds another dimension
Cellaring: Best before 2024

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