SG on the 2013 Sang

Tasting note 2/17… this one should be easy, fresh from watching Tony Abbott (thankfully) implode, I’ve gone to the masses and called for ‘collective thoughts’ on this wine. I started with the impeccably resourced (and talented) winemaking team at MVW, can’t get any closer to the source than these guys… the ‘man’ on the ground as they say, and with me being a people person and all, it seemed like a no brainer. I’ve only 250 words so I won’t waffle, per AR, so here’s what I got… no shit, this is word for word.

  • CH – Enter into a wine show
  • KP – Charry tannins are really nice
  • SD – I really like that, I reckon it’s solid
  • JH – I think it’s up there with my favourites so far
  • RM – Cherries, smokiness, miles ahead of the 14, more serious style

Next time someone wants to ask what the flying f%#k Bonobos, George Harrison or Barbara Streisand’s cans are doing in a tasting note, cut me a slice of jamon. Take solace in the fact the stars above appear to be better on the tools than they are on the ink. For obvious reasons I’ve been lured into a bottle myself now and it’s exactly as it should be…. not to mention 28 words less than I’m allowed, no doubt a lesson for all. SG

Cases made: 124