Vintage 2017 – Kate Petering

SG – Obviously we’re smack bang in the middle of Harvest, you being the attention seeking sort and all I thought we should kick off our first winemaker profile by asking you a few Q’s….
KP – You’re my boss and that wasn’t’ a question so not such a good start….
SG – What’s your favourite thing about Harvest time?
KP – Here? Number of ferments, batches and overall craziness of this place, cant imagine any places where you’d deal with this many tiny batches
SG – How can I say this…’re well known to love a good feed, how would you rate the lunches this year relevant to previous?  Any highlights?
KP – pretty good, I’d say 7/10, highlights def your celebrity chef cameo’s, the sushi from the oh so Japanese Romeo’s is pretty awesome also
SG – The swearing?
KP – Pretty low….I may have become acclimatised though
SG – Discrimination?
KP – Long pause…..I don’t know what to say
SG – OK, lets get clichéd, it’s been a ripper Harvest, even my ‘pop in approach’ has worked that out, with so many wines and such a high quality across the board, are you able to point us to a couple of favourites?
KP – The Grenache Blanc is interesting, the Nero D’Avola I think is a bit delicious and the loom sv whole bunch Grenache is always a fav
SG – Anything you don’t like?
KP – nothing passionately, the Barb I’m not a big fan of, not necessarily our wine more the variety in general, yeah thus far in Australia at least
SG – Any cool projects you’re confident enough that will work that you’d like to share?
KP – White Grenache from 100+ year old vines is cool, the Saperavi Monte Durif Rose might surprise us all, using flor in whites I really hope works
SG – Sam still behaving like a kid in a candy store?  What’s his stupidest idea this year?
KP- nothing rivals lucas submerged barrel idea that’s for sure
SG – Kochy was supposed to bring a sense of calm to the place, true or false?
KP – False….makes you look conservative
SG – Beyond the man bun Lucas seems a bit smart and considered for MVW, what’s your thoughts on his form?  Although we must admit the Amaranth he planted is cool
KP – loose cannon, give him a year and he’ll make Sam look considered
SG – Bag Press or Basket Press?
KP – The bag press is fucking broken and you know it….
SG – French Oak or American, 300 or 500lt?
KP – 500’s I don’t know re French or American
SG – OK the look on your face is scaring me now, thanks,  nice work.
SG – One more…when I say ezywine you say
KP – Joy…isn’t that what you want to hear?