Wine Bar & Shop

We love our shop… It’s everything there is to know about us, wrapped in a small white brick nutshell on Gilbert St, in Adelaide.
As per most of our endeavours there was never much in the way of planning involved and to this day we’d hardly call ourselves retailers, but I guess if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck it’s probably a duck. So here we are, owners, operators and very frequent customers of our very own wine shop and bar in the city.

The south west corner is the best part of town, not as trendy as the others but full of vibrant personalities and a great sense of community that we love. We’ve been welcomed to the area with open arms, which in fairness is much more likely when your sack is full of wine, but even so, pop in any time and you’ll find it packed with locals who, even after 18 months of bluster, still think winemakers know what they are talking about.

Find us at
101 Gilbert Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Monday to Saturday, 2pm to 9pm.
Sunday, 12pm to 7pm.

This is a portal to our world, if you like our shop, you’ll like us, if not then we’re pumped to have created such an effective filter.